Anthony King is a Professional Filipino Language Instructor


Anthony King is a Professional Filipino Language Instructor. He will teach you to speak with correct pronunciation, build your vocabulary, and develop an understanding of Filipino daily life and values.

Build Confidence in Speaking

Teach Students of All Levels

Flexible Schedules


I prioritize helping my students build confidence in speaking with correct pronunciation, building vocabulary, and developing a nuanced understanding of Filipino daily life and values.

I also draw from my professional experience as a translator and interpreter. I am experienced in teaching students of all levels – from complete beginners to near-native speakers.

I am flexible with scheduling. Students can take short but frequent lessons to build a strong foundation in the Filipino language. I use a variety of instructional media to develop reading and listening skills.

Connect with Anthony King on iTalki and learn Tagalog, the Filipino language.

What they say about Anthony King

Anthony is a dynamic teacher and coach. He is very flexible and displays a willingness to work with students and provide extra instruction if needed to ensure every student gets quality instruction. He will follow through to ensure that the job gets done.

– Terrence

Mr. King is passionate about teaching and it shows during the lessons. He cares deeply about his students and ensures they get history, geography, culture, and current events incorporated into the lesson plans which helps the student gain a much broader sense of all things Filipino.

– Christopher