Self-Acceptance Is the Key to Life Transformation

Self-Acceptance Is the Key to Life Transformation

TalkinTagalog | Teodoro Jun Jaen Jr., Correspondent | In the course of our lives, we will inevitably find ourselves in situations in which we will need to answer “yes” to requests that will ultimately cause us stress. When we consider them or think about them, we start to wonder why we continue to give ourselves permission to make the same poor choices. Dwelling on the choices we’ve already made can start a vicious cycle of negative thinking, and fighting the urge to decline an offer will only serve to ratchet up the level of stress we’re already feeling.

The majority of us are driven by the ambition to achieve our goals and be successful. We aspire to be the best husbands, the best providers for our families, and the best workers in our respective fields. We strive to bake the most delicious cakes and to be the most attentive mothers and wives. Our sense of self-worth is frequently determined by our perceptions of how other people view us. The desire to feel accepted by others as a means of feeling accepted by oneself can often be traced back to the internal conflict that arises when attempting to accomplish great things in one’s life.

Even the most self-assured individuals struggle at times with feelings of insecurity regarding themselves. When people with famous faces want to protect their public image, they frequently resort to cosmetic procedures like face lifts and heavy application of makeup. Being insecure is not a failing, but part of our humanity. When those insecurities begin to drive our decisions and our choices, then we risk making poor decisions and creating inner tension and negative self-talk.

It is important to ask ourselves about the intentions we have in making our decisions and what our motivations are in accepting it in order to assist in the development of a strong sense of self-acceptance. This can help to develop a healthy sense of self-acceptance. There are times when the decisions that are good for us to make aren’t necessarily the best ones. They instead perpetuate the cycle of seeking to discover self-acceptance by first feeling it in the form of acceptance from others.

It is absolutely necessary for us to do a personal assessment of our hopes and abilities in order to stop this cycle. The most important factor in determining our value and worth is not what other people think of us, but rather what we think of ourselves. As we become more aware of who we are and learn to appreciate that person, we are better able to make choices in our lives that contribute to and improve our self-image, and as a result, we discover that other people accept us.

When something like this takes place, the cycle is turned upside down. When we accept who we are, we can start the process of cultivating self-confidence and a giving attitude toward the acceptance of others. We find that people accept us for who we are, rather than accepting us for what we do, and this happens organically.


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